Creative Retirement Institute 

Lifelong Learning through Edmonds College

About CRI

The Creative Retirement Institute (CRI) Lifelong Learning Program is a collaboration between Edmonds  College and a group of dedicated volunteers.  CRI's mission is to provide quality, affordable learning opportunities for seniors.    See for more info, class schedules, and registration.  In June 2019 I was elected Chair of the Board  --thus proving once again that no good deed goes unpunished :)   Below are links to my CRI classes, followed by reflections about the CRI organization.

My CRI classes:     Information Technology and its Impact on Society

In 2018, I offered to teach a class about technology policy issues, beginning with "use and abuse of personal data".  This is  an area I've been interested in for a long time   --in fact, since the early 1980s, when I started a Social Impact Of Computing study group while on the faculty of the UCLA Computer Science Department.  Since then, I've created and taught about one class per year.

The CRI Organization

I currently serve on the CRI Board (until recently as Chair) and as an occasional instructor.  More information about the Creative Retirement Institute and my reflections on four years as Board Chair may be found here:

CRI Status and Reflections