The Politics of Technology

Personal Data Use and Abuse

Creative Retirement Institute

Spring 2019

The Politics of Technology: Personal Data Use and Abuse

Course Description

We live at the intersection of policy and technology. We will explore several current political issues relating to computing and the Internet, define the issues, then discuss alternatives to address them. We will focus on the use and abuse of personal data and information technology from the perspective of commercial advantage and individual benefit. Class discussion will be strongly encouraged, with the final class reserved for topics suggested by class members. Terry Gray spent much of his career “at the intersection of technology and policy.” He ran the Center for Experimental Computer Science at UCLA, worked at a Silicon Valley startup, then joined the UW in 1988 as Director of Networks and Distributed Computing. He was associate VP for technology strategy and chief technology architect in UW-IT, and an affiliate professor in the UW Computer Science Department. He holds a PhD in computer science from UCLA.


The Politics of Technology: Personal Data Use and Abuse

WEEK 1: Google Slides Handout PDF

    • Inconvenient Truths

    • History & Headlines

    • Bonus Slides: Policy Framework

WEEK 2: Google Slides Handout PDF

    • Privacy

    • Personalization

    • Bonus Slides: Privacy Regulation

WEEK 3: Google Slides Handout PDF

    • The Data Economy

    • Tracking & Targeting

    • Bonus Slides: More Background

WEEK 4: Google Slides Handout PDF

    • Impact on Democracy

    • Recap and Solutions

    • Bonus Slides: TBD

REFERENCES: Google Sheets