UW Retirement Video

   "My Last Lecture"

Terry's Graduation Day --The Movie    (In 4 parts)  

This video captures the excitement in Kane Hall at the University of Washington on 02 December 2014, when I retired from UW's central IT organization after 26 years.  The subtitle of the video is "50 years in 100 minutes" and since no one can reasonably be expected to watch a 100 minute video about me, here is a convenient index to facilitate jumping around.  (For those in a hurry, I recommend the 100 second summary of my life, in the "Coda" section of Part 2.)


Part 1:  Tale-telling  ("Others talking about Terry")  >>> Click HERE for Part 1       (ALTERNATE LINK )

 Part 2: Reflections  ("Terry talking about Terry" a.k.a. Terry's Last Lecture")  >>> Click HERE for Part 2        (ALTERNATE LINK )

Part 3:  Awards and Thanks  ("Terry talking about others")  >>> Click HERE for Part 3       (ALTERNATE LINK )

Part 4:  Final Thoughts and Credits    >>> Click HERE for Part 4            (ALTERNATE LINK )

This is a Terry Tales production, released on 02 May 2015 --exactly six months after the event.  (The first three months were consumed by moving into a new house, and the last three months were consumed by trying to learn how to use Blender for video editing!)