UW Retirement Video

"My Last Lecture"


Terry's Graduation Day --The Movie (Click here to WATCH NOW)

This video captures the excitement in Kane Hall at the University of Washington on 02 December 2014, when I retired from UW's central IT organization after 26 years. The subtitle of the video is "50 years in 100 minutes" and since no one can reasonably be expected to watch a 100 minute video about me, here is a convenient index to facilitate jumping around. (For those in a hurry, I recommend the 100 second summary of my life, starting just before minute 70.)


00m Part 1: Tale-telling ("Others talking about Terry")

  1. Kelli Trosvig, including quotes from Lori Stevens and Ken Klingenstein
  2. Steve Corbato
  3. Oren Sreebny via Tom Lewis
  4. Ed Lazowska
  5. Erik Lundberg
  6. Merrill McAdams

33m Part 2: Reflections ("Terry talking about Terry")

  1. Changing the world
  2. Things I'll miss
  3. Things I won't miss
  4. Things I've learned
  5. Coming to terms
  6. Coda

73m Part 3: Awards ("Terry talking about others")

  1. Corey Satten
  2. Merrill McAdams
  3. Steve Corbato
  4. Scott Mah
  5. James Morris
  6. Chance Reschke
  7. Tom Lewis
  8. Millie Elliott
  9. Lori Stevens
  10. Aaron Powell
  11. Erik Lundberg
  12. Phil Reid
  13. Karalee Woody
  14. Heidi Barta
  15. Kerry Kahl
  16. Susan Lawrence
  17. Kirk Bailey
  18. Bill Ferris
  19. Cindy Brown
  20. Dan Jordt
  21. Brad Greer
  22. Ed Lazowska
  23. Ron Johnson
  24. Kelli Trosvig
  25. Special thanks to: Alisa Hata, Ed Lightfoot, Sandy Moy, and Ray Rikansrud

94m Part 4: Final Thoughts (courtesy of... )

  1. The Beatles
  2. The Ozark Mountain Daredevils
  3. Sheryl Crow
  4. Bob Newhart

99m Credits

This is a Terry Tales production, released on 02 May 2015 --exactly six months after the event. (The first three months were consumed by moving into a new house, and the last three months were consumed by trying to learn how to use Blender for video editing!)